Your Surf Instructor
„Hi, I am Sandy, your Surf Instructor. I started surfing during a holiday in 2009 in Portugal, taking Surf Lessons myself. I got totally hooked and I travelled more (to Fuerte Ventura, Marocco, Australia, Bali, France, Spain, New Zealand, Hawaii, Sri Lanka,...) to surf more waves as there is no Surf in my homecountry Germany. In 2014 I took the opportunity, moved to New Zealand and made my dream come true: Living in a Surf destination! I am in the water pretty much every day and so becoming a Surf Instructor has been a natural progression for me. I enjoy to teach and pass on my passion! I am excited seeing the smile on your face when you will surf your first wave saying: More!

In my private Surf Lessons I can give you maximum support in the water and a quick feedback to improve your Take Off and your Surfing! The Lesson will be also as safe as it can be, as I am with you in the water, watching and guiding you step by step to get you up and Surfing your first waves!
I am looking forward to meet you at the beach!“

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Mt Maunganui/ Tauranga
ph: 022 644 6384